Monday, June 2, 2008

Our "Safely Gathered In" e-book!

In celebration of our one-year mark (June 2008 - June 2009), we compiled a 79-page e-book, complete with some of our best articles, information, and recipes from our first year. Yes, RECIPES! In printable format! Ideal for your food storage, because if the power goes out it will be difficult to get onto the internet!

The e-book will be sent to your computer immediately as a pdf download. You can print up this e-book, keep the pages in a binder, and keep it with your food storage (or your cookbooks!). You can print the whole thing, or just the recipes, or just the articles, or just the emergency preparedness info... whatever you want!

Here is a list of what's included in the e-book:
  • Food Storage Quotes and stories (from our Monday posts)
  • Information on the three-month supply (and rotation methods)
  • Longer-term storage (storing options, and specific info about wheat, rice, beans, oats, and other items)
  • 72-hour kit information (articles, list of items)
  • Emergency Car kits (list of items)
  • A section on water storage and preservation
  • Other related food storage and emergency prep articles that we've shared over the year
  • ALL our recipes from the last year, including rotation ideas for EACH recipe (fresh ingredients to add if you're eating the meal just to rotate it)
  • A complete 3-month menu plan, which coincides with our recipes
  • A complete shopping list for your 3-month supply (using the above menu plan) **This was made especially for the e-book, and will not be published on our blog!
  • There is also a blank shopping list for you to fill in, as well as a blank 3-month menu chart, so that you can customize your own 3-month supply plan if you want to (or you can just use our list, since we've done all the work for you!)
The e-book is currently only $5.

This e-book is for personal use only.  If you'd like to share one with your friends, please buy them each individually (i.e., if you'd like to make 3 copies of your book [or any part of the book] to share, please buy 3 copies).  For bulk orders (10 or more), please contact us for bulk rates.

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Anonymous said...

i have so enjoyed reading your emails over the past couple of weeks, however, can i make a suggestion? i have been watching all these splended give aways the past week the problem is for us in the west by the time we receive the email the contest has ended. no fair. :(. so looking forward to your continued emails and splendid information.

Dede said...

Yes, that has been a problem for me as well. As soon as I get the email, I jump on to enter, but it's already ended, and it's SO frustrating!

I love your blog, there is such fantastic information!

Life with the Warrens said...

thank you so much! organizing all this must have taken a ton of dedication and time. thanks for doing it for me!

Amy Durham said...

Oh wow! I just bought your book and it contains Waaaay more information than I had ever hoped possible! What a gold mine of helpfulness! Thank-you so much for writing this and for pricing it low enough that anyone who needs it can afford it.

Stephanie L. said...

We eat mainly vegetarian and have a child with milk issues. Would your ebook recipes be helpful for our family?


Abs said...

@Stephanie L.
Most of the recipes are either canned meat or beans/pasta because that's what stores well, and if we use milk--it's powdered. I don't know if that affects your child as well.

In any case, they are the same recipes that are listed on the blog, so peruse the archives and see if it's something you would use.

Thanks for reading!